Yes, I Smoke Weed Everyday.

I smoke weed basically everyday. Especially the days I work from home. I notice that it really helps my overall mood levels. Working alone from home 70% of the time can feel pretty isolating and it is easy to slip into a negative thought spiral.

When I smoke weed for the first time that day, I almost instantly forget about whatever I was just deeply fixated on. I move on with my day and find a new sort of energy and motivation from my high. 

Then the thought creeps in that smoking weed everyday isn't supposed to be a good thing, right? Just like if I were drinking/getting buzzed every day, that's bad. Then I remember that weed is in no way equal to alcohol.  

In my opinion, if you're not doing it all day everyday and a grown ass adult, do yew. 



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  • I’ve been dealing with this feeling a lot lately, it’s really nice to hear someone else has the same experience

    Lacey on
  • Girl yes

    Jay on

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