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Why Smoke From Ceramic?

Why We Chose Ceramic

Our pipes were born out of the need to have something that could sit proudly on a shelf. Form followed function, and we landed on designing ceramic pipes instead of traditional glass.

Here’s why:

Ceramics are not transparent like glass so they always look clean.

Plus, they are glazed completely on the inside. That interior glaze makes cleaning super easy. Read this wiki guide for cleaning tips. 

Ceramics don’t conduct heat, so you won’t burn yourself. That’s why all coffee mugs are ceramic, not glass.

Ceramics are extremely durable. Their thick walls are inherently resilient, and the glazing process makes them even more so.

Of the hundreds and hundreds of pipes we’ve sold so far, we’ve only heard of 5 being broken. They were thrown across a room or dropped on a cement floor — and that’s no way to treat a pipe.




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