What I Do When I've had TOO much?

Over this past weekend, I made the questionable decision to eat a 15mg THC edible at midnight. Not surprisingly, when I laid down to sleep an hour later, I was wide awake with my brain and heart racing. I knew I'd had a little too much, too late and I would have to work through it.

Here are some tips for how to chill when you've overdone it. 

Too High With Friends?

Not 100% comfortable around the friends you got stoned with? That can be tricky. You may find yourself trying to act normal/cool when inside your totally losing it. Take a deep breath and remember that this is a temporary feeling and that no one is thinking about you as much as you are. (See? lol)

Avoid excessive phone use. 

As awkward as you're feeling, whipping out your phone and diving into an Instagram hole isn't going to help. Put your phone out of eyesight and try to be present. That being said if you need to step away and call your BFF who will talk you off the stoned edge, be my guest.   

Take some CBD.

Popping 5-10mg of CBD could greatly lessen the anxiety caused by too much THC. Some believe that you have to take the CBD before the THC for it to really help. But either way, a CBD product (without much/any THC) really can't hurt the situation. 

Eat something yummy and drink tons of water. 

Munchies are real, it's science. Also, getting distracted can majorly help you forget your paranoia. Try going to your favorite (nearby!) restaurant or order delivery if you're feeling stationary. Bonus points for chugging water. It will help cleanse your system and keep cottonmouth at bay. 

Too High Solo?

Try belly breathing.

Recently, my acupuncturist showed me belly breathing. It is where you breathe in through your nose, let your belly push out (picture a fat Buddha) then let your lungs fill with air. It is super relaxing and lowers your heart rate. I find it also helps to count while I practice this breathing exercise. I count to 4 while I inhale then slowly exhale for 4 counts. 

Get comfy.

Listen to your body and do exactly what it tells you. I tend to get really cold and shivery when I'm too high. So I'll grab a blanket or sweatshirt, my water bottle and get comfy on the couch. Need some fresh air? Try taking a walk around the block or even just opening a window.

Do simple tasks.

Too high to sit down and "chill out"? Try doing simple tasks around the house like tidying up the kitchen or organizing your closet. It isn't necessarily fun but having a little project helps pass the time and keeps your brain distracted. Plus, you'll feel a little sense of accomplishment and not totally guilty for being baked. 

For the future. 

Next time you're getting high, ease into it. Start with only one hit and wait 10-15 minutes and see how you feel. Don't be a champ and try to hold the hit in for as long as humanly possible. This isn't high school and the cool kids aren't judging you.

Personally, I love a 5mg THC edible. I find it is the perfect amount for me to stay social and functioning. But hell, even starting with 2.5mg of THC is a really nice way to ease into the high. If you're lucky enough to be in a rec legal state, look for edibles/flower with a bit of CBD. It can help mitigate the anxiety some experience with THC. 

What do YEW do when you've had too much? 

Comment below and lemme know. 



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