Flying with Flower

Is it legal to fly with cannabis? 

Technically no, airports and airplanes are governed by federal law in which cannabis is illegal. 

However, TSA has gone on record saying they do not search for cannabis, they are looking for potential threats (i.e. bombs)

If they do happen to find something, they are required by law to notify the authorities. 

So, don’t make your cannabis look like a bomb and yew should be good to go. 

Avoid disguising it mixed in with powder or liquids. 

It is important to note the unfair scanning procedures that Black, Latin and Indigenous people often face from the TSA.  

Tips for flying with cannabis: 

Mix edibles in with non infused candy.

Throw your vape pen in with your toiletries bag. 

Avoid traveling with cannabis in original packaging that states it contains THC. 

Don’t fly with over an eighth of flower (aka nugs).

Empty an opaque pill bottle, place your flower in the bottom, add a layer of cotton, top with pills. 

Slip joints in a cigarette box or joint holder.

Hiding in plain sight is often best.

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