A Guide to Edible Dosing


So yew wanna eat weed?  👅

Use this guide before Yew eat an edible.

Eating weed sounds fun, right? Not always. While edibles are an effective way to feel the benefits of weed without inhaling smoke, to enjoy them, you need to understand dosing. It’s important to remember that weed can’t hurt you (except your ego), but you can steer clear of undesirable effects from edibles when you know more about edible products and dosages. Knowledge is power.

*Everyone’s experience with edibles is completely different. Before experiencing edibles, remember that the  #1 rule is that you can always eat more, but you can't take back what you've already consumed.

How will the edibles effect yew?

Yew, personally…? That depends! The type of product, dosage, your metabolism, body weight, and tolerance are all at play here so again, it’s best to start small and you can always take more later.

Like we said, start low and go slow. 5mg is often considered one dose but many dispensaries sell 2.5mg gummies.

1-2.5 MG

What Will Yew Feel?

Overall? Pretty normal! You might notice mild relief of pain, stress, and anxiety. You might also enjoy improved focus and creativity! This amount is great for first-timers or someone who enjoys a 'lil high throughout the day.

2.5 - 15MG

What Will Yew Feel?

Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs? Absolutely. This dosage will bring on feelings of euphoria but can impair coordination and alter your perception. This is the perfect amount for restless sleepers or anxious partygoers.


What Will Yew Feel?

Usually reserved for seasoned edible enjoyers, this dosage will bring about feelings of strong euphoria best enjoyed by dancing in the kitchen to your favorite music.


What Will Yew Feel?

Perhaps best left to the professionals, this amount will absolutely impair coordination and alter perception. More than 100mg increases your risk for negative effects like nausea and paranoia. Consult a physician if you have a medical ailment you think could benefit from this pain relief.

What else do yew need to know? 🤔

Time to kick in: Usually 45-60 minutes. Again, low and slow, wait an hour (or even 2!) after and you can always take more later.

How long it lasts: Depends, again, on all the factors we mentioned above but for a consistent weed lover 5mg will last about 2-3 hours. For a low tolerance or slow metabolism it will most likely last longer. 

CBD and THC?: Long story short, CBD helps mediate the negative effects of THC in the body so a balanced edible (ie. a CBD:THC ratio of 1:1) is more restorative and less impairing. The more CBD (ie. 2:1 or 10:1), the less impairing effects.

How to buy: At dispensaries, 2.5mg, 5mg, and 10mg are common edible doses. Make sure you understand the label and how many milligrams are in each edible. Novelty edibles, like pop rocks or potato chips, can be a little trickier. Is the whole bag one dose, or each chip? THC content of packages is usually listed so for a 100mg pack of 20 mints, each is 5mg.

Can you OD? Nope, but eating too many can lead to negative effects. If you have a pre-existing and serious medical condition, consult a physician before engaging.

How to have the best time: Mindset is everything. If you’re having a low day, feeling anxious or in an unsafe space, chances are you’ll have an unpleasant high. Stay hydrated, have yummy munchies available and vibe 😎

Some edibles we love:

5mg Apple Ume Ginger Hybrid Rose Delights - “Sometimes I’ll eat half or a full one depending on how adventurous I’m feeling. It’s usually an energetic high, good for the day time, or being social” - Jenny, Yew Yew Founder

5mg Terra Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans - “Those are my favorite! My go-to! Daytime, perfect for when you wanna get a little stoned, go shopping, have some energy and they taste *chef’s kiss* superb” - Jenny, Yew Yew Founder

2mg Petra Mints - “Always in my purse. Like to take them in the morning before I go to yoga. A subtle and functional buzz.” - Jenny, Yew Yew Founder 

5mg Camino Bliss Gummies - “The title says it all, truly bliss. Best for dancing to some live music or an outdoor movie” - Rachel, loyal Yew Yew fan

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